It’s not easy being green

These last few weeks have been a roller coaster ride for me emotionally. As a Green enterprise and a Social one as well, I am driven by my passion, by the desire to help as many people as I can so my living will not be in vain. So I’ve been faced with tough determinations, with disappointments and a ton of fear.


I’ve often questioned – is all of this worth it – the stress, the tears, the worry, everything? I’m normally very self -motivated but of late, I just can’t seem to stay that way. And it took me watching a video of myself  a few months ago to give me the will and drive to continue.

Being a social enterprise is not an easy road and one not for the faint of heart. There are many obstacles along the way – the lack of access to funds and funding opportunities (especially if you’re registered as a Limited Liability Company in Trinidad and Tobago – like me!), the naysayers especially those close to you and words from them cut the deepest and I’ve also been secretly found a ‘job’ after numerous attempts of declining and all the emotions that go along with it. I’ve given up many times but as a good friend once told me- “cry your yes out, give up that day and the next day you get up, thank God and go again” and that’s what I’ve done! On those hard days when I just want to be left alone, I talk to God and my biggest cheerleader,my husband 🙂

The importance of being green and going green surpasses even my own understanding at times. I want to help everyone I meet from homeowners to NGO’s to the larger companies. Adding green initiatives to your business can provide many benefits especially in the medium to long term. The short term is the time for the changes to be made. Change is hard (and don’t I know that!) but necessary for evolution. Greening your home or your business should be as important to you as making money because we only have this planet to live on and take care of. It also saves you money over time as well. Statistics show that over 55% of consumers buy products because they help save the environment in some way.


Look at what is happening around us. The effects of climate change are being felt right now. The increased temperatures and the large flooding events are happening all over the world and right here in Trinidad and Tobago. So what would it take to make the switch or to implement at least one green initiative such as a recycling programme into your business?

If you’re worried about support or just want help figuring it out, we are right here to guide you along the way and to hold your hand through the process so it won’t be as daunting as you think. This week we share with you our video on starting recycling from right at home. Just go to our website at and get it to start. Let’s all be a part of the behaviour change movement and “Go Green”.

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