Waste in the home is everyone’s responsibility and it’s never to early to start teaching your children. Welcome to our Waste Education and Literacy programme. Here we discover all about waste and what we can do to better manage it.
To start, let’s introduce you to our first book – “Ky’s Magical Adventures – where the garbage goes” where we answer the question – Have you ever wondered where garbage goes after you throw it into a bin? Join Ky, Wendy the wrapper and their friends on a magical adventure as they discover what really happens to waste after it’s thrown away.
The first of many publications to come, Ky’s Magical Adventures will take you and your little ones on an engaging journey filled with beautiful illustrations created right here at home in the Caribbean.
We designed this children’s book to educate all our little readers about the environmental impacts of our habits and attitudes with regard to the waste we create. It’s fun, engaging and at the end, we welcome you into the Eco Hero Club! Look out for our series of activities and games to come!

Ky’s Magical Adventures can also be purchased at the following locations or from the Amazing Author herself 🙂